Dr. med. Roland Backhaus, MBA

Neurology (FMH)

Portrait Backhaus Roland

Dr. med. Roland Backhaus is a neurologist who also specializes in neurovascular diseases and neurological emergency medicine. Dr. Backhaus studied at RWTH Aachen University. After completing his licensure, he continued his specialist training and doctorate in the Bezirksklinikum Department of Neurology of the University of Regensburg. Most recently, Dr. Backhaus headed the transregional Stroke Unit at the university hospital and was the coordinator of the Telemedical Stroke Network in Bavaria TEMPiS (TEMPiS), one of the world’s largest telemedicine stroke networks. The clinical and research focus spans the full range of stroke care, from the pre-hospitalization phase to acute care and aftercare.


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Continuing education assistant, neurology

Department of Neurology, University
of Regensburg, District Hospital

Neurology specialist
Senior physician
-Medical Director of transregional Stroke Unit
-Coordinator of the Telemedical Stroke Network in
Bavaria TEMPiS (TEMPiS), Regensburg

  • Specialized neurological ultrasound diagnostics
  • Emergency medicine

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