PD Dr. med. Manuel Meyer

Neurology FMH

Dr Med Manuel Meyer Neurologie Fmh

PD Dr. M. Meyer began his professional career working in the fields of neurophysiology and neuropathology in Zurich and Basel before fully dedicating himself to clinical medicine. He began his work in clinical neurology in Zurich and Bern and then spent many years working at the psychiatric University Clinical Burghölzli and in the medical clinic of Kreisspital Männedorf. Following this, he became a full-time senior neurologist in the Department of Neurology at University Hospital Zurich and then Head of the Department of Electrodiagnostics (EMG, ENG, evoked potentials). He authored various scientific studies during this long period (1972-1992). In 1984/85, he was the first in Europe to treat dystonic and hyperkinetic neurological symptoms by exploiting the muscle attenuation effect of botulinum toxin. This method has a positive impact on previously untreatable diseases, which is why many patients in Switzerland and from neighboring countries come to the Institut für Botulinumtoxintherapie in Zurich, which he runs together with Prof. Dr. Czaplinski. PD Dr. Meyer has been a practicing neurologist since 1992, initially at Klinik Hirslanden before starting at NeuroCentre Bellevue in Zurich in July 2007.