Prof. Dr. med. Carsten Möller

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Dr Med Carsten Moeller Neurologie Fmh

Prof. Möller studied human medicine at RWTH Aachen University and completed his residency at the Max Planck Institute for Neurology (formerly psychiatry) in Martinsried (D) and the Department of Neurology at Klinikum Großhadern (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich). After a two-year research stay in the Department of Neurology at Stanford University in Palo Alto (USA), he continued his specialist training in the Department of Neurology at Philipps-Universität Marburg, where he also completed his postdoctoral tertiary teaching qualification. He holds a special professorship there to the present day. Most recently, he was Managing Senior Physician there. In 2010, he transferred to Neurocentro della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, where he worked as senior consultant in establishing a clinical trials unit and a laboratory for translational research. He has held the post of senior physician and Scientific Director at Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht since 2014 and has been deputy senior consultant at the same clinic since October 2015. His clinical and scientific focus for over 20 years has been Parkinson’s disease, with a special focus on its early diagnosis, treatment in the advanced stages and Parkinson’s-related sleep disorders. Prof. Möller is a German and Swiss citizen. His family lives in the canton of Fribourg.

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Since 2016
deputy senior consultant, Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht – Neurologisches Rehabilitationszentrum
2014 – 2015
Head physician, Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht – Neurologisches Rehabilitationszentrum (CH)
Senior consultant, Department of Internal Medicine, Director of Stroke Unit and Deputy Director of Parkinson’s clinic, Kliniken Kreis Mühldorf a. Inn (D)
2010 – 2014
Head physician, Department of Neurology, Neurocentro della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano (CH)
2007 – 2010
Managing Senior Physician, Department of Neurology at Universitätsklinikum Gießen and Marburg, (Marburg site)
2003 – 2007
Senior physician, Department of Neurology, Universitätsklinikum Giessen and Marburg (Marburg site)
1998 – 2003
Scientific assistant, Department of Neurology, University of Marburg (D)
1995 – 1997
DFG research fellowship, Department of Neurobiology,Stanford University (Palo Alto, USA)

adjunct professor
Postdoctoral tertiary teaching qualification
Neurology specialist
1986 – 1993
Studies in human medicine, RWTH Aachen University (D)

  • Movement Disorders Society
  • Swiss Movement Disorders Society
  • German Parkinson Society
  • Parkinson Switzerland

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