Prof. Dr. med. Kai Rösler

Neurology FMH

Prof. Dr. med. Rösler Kai

Prof. Dr. med. Kai Rösler is an FMH-qualified neurologist. He is specialized in disorders of the peripheral nerves and muscles, in neurological pain syndromes, and in general neurology.

Prof. Rösler studied medicine in Bern, Switzerland; with stages in Atlanta and Madison (USA). He was educated as a neurologist in Bern and Los Angeles. He worked at head of the ENMG-Laboratory and the Neuromuscular Center of the University Department of Neurology of the Inselspital, Bern from 1991 – 2018. During this time, many young collegues were introduced by him into the field of electro-neuro-myography (ENMG = electrical examination of nerves and muscles). He is an internationally renowned expert and researcher in the field of ENMG. He also founded an outpatient clinic for palliative neurology at the Inselspital, in which many patients are helped.

Currently, Prof. Rösler is the president of the Swiss Society of Clinical Neurophysiology and organizes the educational Academy of this society. He has organized a great number of national and international neurological congresses. He contributes regularly to patient organizations and their meetings.

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2006 – 2018
Consultant for ENMG, Clinic of Neurology, Center Hospital, Biel
2002 – 2018
Head, Neuromorphologic Laboratory, Department of Neurology, Inselspital Bern
1991 – 2018
Head physician, ENMG-Laboratory and Neuromuscular Center, Department of Neurology, Inselspital Bern
1990 – 1991
Assistant physician, Department of Neurology, Inselspital Bern
Assistant physician, Department of Neurosurgery, Inselspital Bern
1988 – 1989
Assistant physician, Clinic of Internal Medicine, Langnau i.E.
1985 – 1988
Assistant physician, Department of Neurology, Inselspital Bern
1985 – 1986
Research fellow, Neuromuscular Center, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (USA)
1983 – 1985
Assistant physician, Institute for Anatomy, University of Bern

After-Diploma Degree: Managing in Hospitals, Inselspital Bern
Professorship of the University of Bern (Neurology)
Habilitation in Neurology, University of Bern
Certificate of the Swiss Society of Clinical Neurophysiology for ENMG
Specialist degree in Neurology, FMH
Dissertation: “Transfer effects in endurance exercise: Adaptations in trained and untrained muscles University of Bern
Physician diploma, University of Bern
Medical School, University of Bern. External study visits in Atlanta and Madison (USA)

  • Swiss Neurological Society
  • President of the Swiss Society for Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Member of the Doctoral Council, Swiss Society of Muscle Disorders
  • Board member, Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies
  • Corresponding member of the German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology

2014 – 2018
Member, Scientific Advisory Board of the Swiss Foundation for Research on Muscle Diseases.
2014 – 2018
Member, Commission of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences for “Forschung in Palliative Care”
2009 – 2018
Member, Kantonale Ethikkommission Bern (Appointment by the Government of the Canton of Berne)
2009 – 2011
Co-Founder and President, Swiss Working Group for the Autonomic Nervous System (SAGAN)

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  • German
  • English
  • French