Bmg Angebot Botulinumtoxin

Our Bot.Tox. consultations are focused on treating patients with movement disorders, e.g. wry neck (torticollis) or excessive blinking (blepharospasm), and spasticity after strokes. Chronic migraines can also be treated with Bot.Tox. Through a targeted inhibition of hyperactive muscle groups with Bot.Tox., the goal of treatment is to stabilize the movement disorder and correct of the abnormality. This often improves functioning, alleviates pain or reduces needs for special care.

The first step during the consultation is to perform a detailed documentation of the patient’s medical history and a close examination. The medication itself is injected by a doctor specially trained in the procedure and usually accompanied by EMG monitoring to ensure the effective targeting of the desired muscle. The effect of Bot.Tox. lasts approximately three months.