Multiple Sclerosis

Bmg Angebot Multiple Sklerose

We have a special focus on the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis and neuroimmunological diseases. Our innovative diagnostics and treatment plans for multiple sclerosis are based on many years of experience and the latest medical research. Our highly qualified specialists have acquired expertise in Switzerland and abroad and are very familiar with the special needs and anxieties of MS patients.

Special MS outpatient clinic

  • Consultations, diagnostics and therapy
  • Full range of diagnostics – can be performed on a single day: clinical neurological examination, MRI, lumbar puncture, blood samples and evoked potentials
  • Participation in clinical trials in partnership with the Department of Neurology at University Hospital Basel
  • Second opinion consultations

MS infusion station

  • Outpatient emergency care for symptomatic flare-ups with intravenous cortisone
  • Outpatient escalation therapy for particularly active forms of MS with constant monitoring by a neurologist experienced in the treatment of MS.
  • Intravenous treatments (e.g. with monoclonal antibodies)
  • Inpatient diagnostics and treatment at Hirslanden Klinik Zurich when necessary

MS patients without a letter of referral can also schedule an appointment directly at our specialist outpatient clinic by calling +41 44 295 30 45.